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Melanin Spots? Faded. 

Many people, no matter what age, suffer from future spot risks as existing spots/stains become bigger and darker, or the hidden spots start to appear. The only solution is to work on the life phenomenon of melanin day by day, year by year. This is the long-term daily skincare to keep your skin bright and pure, back to it's natural luminosity. 

The Difference of (m)fade

(m)fade aims to achieve the skin’s natural pure luminosity by combating yesterday, today, and tomorrow’s spots. Leveraging today’s innovative structure-based molecular docking technology (low molecular weight, ATG-Autophagy, micro-circulation), our formula corrects the various types of melanin spots from the root to the top. 

Benefits of (m)fade

As (m)fade utilizes structure-based molecular docking technology within our formulation, it addresses and reduces various types of spots, from the past, the present, and the future. 

  • Past - Causing existing age spots to become translucent, no matter how stubborn 
  • Present - Enhances the present skin tone base from yellow, waxy, and dull to your skin’s natural, pure luminosity 
  • Future - Regulates the production of melanin, prevents and slows down the development of age spots 

From the Root to the Top

(m)fade incorporates  structure-based molecular docking technology to correct the various types of spots from the root to the top.
Non slip surface
Low Molecular Ellagic Acid
Based on the cultural heritage of the people from Hokkaido, ellagic acid from Hamanashi roses is extracted as a whitening active to regulate the future production of melanin from the roots.
Transparent Flower Yeast Extract
The amino acids from this flower yeast consumes those cells that have produced existing spots, penetrates the melanin and causes the past spots to be translucent at the top.
Overall Base
The glucosyl hesperidin in the base of the product helps with microciruclation, improving and enhancing the skin tone's natural, pure lumniosity. 

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