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Our Inspiration

According to ancient text, Egyptians often used Gold in their cosmetics to maintain youthfulness.  Gold is referred to "Flesh of the Gods", and it is believed that Cleopatra applied Gold masks to nourish her skin every night to maintain her beauty.

"Nebu" translates to "Gold" in Egyptian where our brand and products took inspiration of transforming ancient beauty secrets into modern day skincare.

The Difference of Nebu "Living Gold"

Unlike other skincare products that only incorporate Gold isolates in their formulas, Nebu Living Gold is molecularly bonded with amino acids and proteins as well as other skin beneficial co-factors through a proprietary cultivation process.

Benefits of Nebu Living Gold

Since Nebu Living Gold is molecularly bonded within our formulation, it unlocks the benefits of Gold in our products otherwise passed off.

  • Reduce in Wrinkles, Fine Lines and Spots - Gold can activate the basal cells of the skin, enhancing elasticity.
  • Rejuvenates Skin Cells - Ions in Gold stimulates the cells and improves circulation and metabolism.
  • Lighten Complexions - Gold inhibits growth of melanins and imparts a rich glow to lighten complexions.
  • Eases Inflammation and Oxidation - the anti-oxidation and anti-inflammation properties of Gold help oxygen to enter the skin for renewal of skin cells.
  • Enhanced absorption - Gold is the only heavy metal with a right atomic spin, which allows enhanced skincare penetration. 

From Gold Isolates to "Living Gold"

Unlike other products which only adds Gold Isolates, Nebu Living Gold is combined in organic peptides during the cultivation process.
S.Cerevisiae Cultivation
The process of forming Nebu Living Gold starts with the cultivation of a Single Cell plant - Saccharomyces Cerevisiae.
Nano-Gold Peptides
In a separate process, Nano Gold is combined with a specific peptide complex to enable the absorption of Gold with the Yeast.
Combined "Living Gold"
The Nano-Gold Peptide penetrates into the S. Cerevisiae, displacing sulfur, and becomes part of the S.Cerevisiae.
Unleashing Nutrients
Papain enzyme breaks down the cell wall of S.Cerevisiae to release the Living Gold infused rich amino acids and other skin beneficial co-factors.

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