About Aogi 傲姬

aogi, in Chinese, 傲姬- 有自信的女孩 (A Woman with Confidence)
aogi, in Japanese, あおぎ - 仰 (Look up, Respect)

With Passion to Mission

aogi.world to be recognized for the uncompromising innovation & service quality
That’s our promise of beauty to people evolving around this world


Here at aogi.world we want those who use our products to experience confidence from understanding their inner beauty. 


About the Founder

Sandy Lam, the leading beauty trainer, has been in the industry for more than 30 years. She has been the global training manager of a top prestigious skincare brand and the training director of Greater China, and is the chief beauty consultant of many internationally renowned celebrities. She has trained more than 100 famous teachers and tens of thousands of students, and has taught in 13 countries and regions, making her an educator that many people admire.

Sandy, who has seen a lot of things, is constantly evolving in her beauty career, and her endless learning process has cultivated her interest in research and development, so that she can pool her wisdom and integrate beauty mysteries from all over the world to develop unique beauty remedies. To discover the beauty secrets of ancient civilizations, she visited Egypt, France, the United States, Italy, the Dunhuang Desert, Xi'an and Lijiang, among others, where she conducts her own research. 

Her dedication and fervor in finding beauty dreams has not diminished, and this is due to her tireless learning personality, which has not only led her to seek changes and innovations in the field of teaching, but also extends to beauty research work, striving to share and promote her unique aesthetic view and rich experience.