History of Aogi

Since 1982, it has been the family business providing beauty treatment services. In 2015, aogi.world took steps forward in developing skincare products, entering different sales platforms, people development, and beauty spas in private clubs.  

Skincare Engineering

Beauty-set-trend (美潮拜) - Trends are very upstream and we need to be innovative in our new initiatives. With our Nebu Living Gold, our organically gold infused skincare is the  trend setter that works as a device in skincare products, as the gold itself has the right spin atom to introduce nutrients to skin. Simply, we will find the new trend for beauty and will continually develop new products.


Beauty-in-home (美到家) - All of our products are fit-for-use at home, and we offer them on digital marketing and sales direct-to-customer platforms including Shopify and other cross border e-commerce. 


Beauty-follow-me (美隨身) - We develop people professionally to serve all of our beauty seekers. All of our professionals are certified as we see the importance of developing, training, and recruiting the right people to ensure our promise of beauty.


Beauty-in-town (美到城) - We partner with different offline shops to provide facial and body treatment in town, including lifestyle clubs or skin treatment centres.