Melanin Spots?


Through Japan’s advanced melanin molecular docking technology, we track melanin spots’ life phenomenon from yesterday, today, and tomorrow and degrade them from the root to the top without pigmentation. Melanin spots faded, they will not return to black and will not turn to white spots.

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  • Low Molecular Weight

  • Bio-based

  • 100% Plant Origin

  • Low Energy Extraction Process

  • Preservative-Free

Beyond Fair Skin to Pure Luminosity.

  • fades dark spots and lightens skin tone viainhibiting tyrosinase activity (an enzymeinvolved in melanin synthesis) and elastaseactivity (an enzyme that breaks down elastin)

  • Reduces yellowing caused by glycation (aprocess that damages collagen and otherproteins in the skin)

  • Combats dullness by inhibiting carbonylation(a process that damages proteins and lipids inthe skin)

  • Promotes skin radiance from within by microcirculation enhancement.


3 bottles 3 months usage

Precious Ingredients

(m) fade Japanese ultraevolved melanin moleculardocking technology, degrades the submersiblephenomenon of melanin molecules from the root tothe top, reduces melanin spots from yesterday,today, and tomorrow, and removes yellowish anddullness

Hamanashi no Hana

Low Molecular Ellagic Acid

Transparent Flower

New Nectar Yeast Extract

Early Picked Glucosyl Hesperidin (Photosensitivity Free)

From the Top to the Root

  • Transparent Flower Yeast Extract works stubborn melanin molecules from the top

  • Low Molecular Ellagic Acid works on melanin molecules from the root

  • Glycosyl Hesperidin works on microcirculation

Today & Tomorrow Hidden Spots

Yellowish, Dull, Dark on Overall Skin Tone

Yesterday Existing Spots

3 Bottle Treatment


Extracting the Secret of Hokkaido Hamanashi Roses, (m) fade continuously makes melanin fade away. 

  • experience lighten skin tone in the first bottle

  • spots fade away in the second bottle

  • skin's luminosity is increased in the third

Extracting the Secret of Hokkaido Hamanashi Roses, (m) fade continuously makes melanin fade away. 

Single3 Bottle Treatment

Just 2 Steps

Step 1: Effleurage

Wash and dry your face. Apply a tube drop of serum to your palms. Use your palms to gently sweep the serum from the middle of your face outwards, covering your entire face, jawline, and neck, and finally, down to your collarbones.

Step 2: Knuckling

Follow the arrows on the photos and use your knuckles to gently massage the targeted area.